The Weather Channel v Direct TV

In the latest battle between a television company and a network over pricing has now resulted in Directv dropping The Weather Channel. I have no idea what the pricing issues are, so I can’t legitimately take a side. I do, however, have an opinion on The Weather Channel’s statement following being pulled. They actually put themselves on par with a public utility and say that this could harm public safety. Really? How many people actually rely on The Weather Channel for all of their weather information? The people with satellite can’t even get a local forecast.  What do they get with The Weather Channel?

Named winter storms.

Weather documentaries instead of weather news.

No local forecasts.

Nothing of importance they can’t find online or on a local news broadcast.

If I was a customer, I would not be upset at all if I no longer had The Weather Channel. I wish we could pick and choose what channels we want and pay a fee based on those channels. I would drop all but about 20 channels. The Weather Channel would have been one of the first to go.



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