Selling Fear on Halloween

It’s that time again – Halloween thoughts. Make it fun scary, not scary scary.

The World's Common Tater

I notice more and more these days that people are selling fear on Halloween. Unfortunately, I’m not talking about the good fear of haunted houses, horror movies, and costumes. I’m talking about the “people are trying to kill/molest your children” fear or the “Your kids might die in a horrible accident” fear. The news is covered with stories on Halloween safety. Some are good with nice tips on pedestrian safety that we need to follow every day. Some are lists and lists of ways your kid’s costume might lead to their death. Maybe they should all just stay home since today’s kids are apparently unable to handle walking down the street in a costume without dying.

If you have a gifted and talented child who can survive the treacherous trek through the neighborhood, they will likely die at home from eating tampered Halloween candy. According to what I read in…

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