No Monday Morning Quarterback

I wrote one, but it was intercepted by the Buffalo Bills. Actually, there is no real one today because I was only able to listen to most of the game. Everything I know about the game I got from Sandusky, Q and Stan White. If I base a post on what they said, it will be even dumber than normal. What I will say is that, yes, it was a bad game. 5 interceptions is bad, but so is having a receiving corps that can’t catch and an O line that can’t run block or give the QB time to throw the ball.  I know the defense gave up a lot of yards on the ground, but if your offense turns the ball over 5 times and you still have a chance to win, the defense is obviously doing something right.

We just won the super bowl last year and people are still unhappy. If you are ready to jump ship at this point, you are not a true fan and won’t be missed.


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