What’s on TV Tonight, September 27, 2013

NBC – repeats of last nights Michael J Fox Shows, Dateline

FOX – MesterChef Junior, Sleepy Hollow repeat

ABC: Last Man Standing, Neighbors, Shark Tank, 20/20

CBS: Undercover Boss, Hawaii 5-0, Blue Bloods

My suggestions – Don’t be boring like me. Go out and do something on Friday night and DVR the shows I will talk about. If you are like me and plan to be home on every Friday night for the rest of your life(except tonight when I will be at the beach) I would recommend these shows:

Last Man Standing – not great. It tries to be the modern day All in the Family and falls way short, but I like Tim Allen and it’s not horrible

Neighbors – Again – one of the better comedies on TV. I hope they didn’t move it to Friday nights to die. Watch it.

Hawaii 50 – I stopped watching it, but my family still likes it. Not a horrible way to pass the time.

Blue Bloods – I still really like this show. Not the most exciting of cop shows, but I like the characters, even though they are all a little too perfect.


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