What’s on TV tonight, September 17, 2013

NBC – Million Second Quiz, the final 6 perform on America’s Got Talent
ABC – Iron Man 2 – must be preparing for SHIELD to start
CBS – all repeats
FOX – premieres of Dads, Brooklyn Nine Nine, New Girl, Mindy Project
CW – Who’s Line is It Anyway
Notable on cable – fall finale of Suits, Covert Affairs, various cable reality shows

My suggestions – I always watch AGT from the tryouts through the first week or so of actual competition and then get bored and stop. There is a comedian I really like in the finals, but I still likely won’t watch. No need to see Iron Man 2 with commercials. I really wish Dads was supposed to be good. I really like Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi. From what I’ve heard, though, this Is one to skip. I hope I hear later that I was wrong. I think Brooklyn Nine Nine will be good, but I watch anything with Andre Braugher. I’m a big fan of Who’s Line, New Girl and Suits. So, watch Who’s Line, Brooklyn Nine Nine, New Girl and Suits. Feel free to skip the rest.


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