Some First Impressions of New Fall Shows

Verizon FIOS On Demand has a couple of the new fall show premieres available for viewing. I decided to be lazy this morning and watched them.

Ironside – Remake of the old show. Blair Underwood is Ironside. On the surface, this is your typical cop show with a “brilliant, but unorthodox/rule breaker” as the head of a homicide unit. His boss gives him leeway with his methods because he gets the job done. Ironside is wheelchair bound thanks to a bullet in the back while in the job. With the young cops working under him, this is basically House as a cop. The reason I will keep watching is the cast. Blair Underwood is very good. I’ve always liked Spencer Grammar and Pablo Schreiber has been good in everything. This will get a season pass.

Welcome to the Family – two high school kids, the valedictorian and a ditzy blonde are dating. She finds out she is pregnant and decides to have the baby. He changes ip his college plans to marry her. The families don’t like each other. Better than I expected. Mike O’Malley is good as always. Ricardo Chivera is good as the other dad. The ditzy blonde shows signs of more depth than expected. Not sure I will record it, but if I’m home and it’s on I would watch.

We Are Men – worst of the three. Young guy gets left at the altar, moves to short term housing and meets three older men who are all divorced/separated who take him under their wing. I really wish I liked this. How you can screw up a show with Kal Penn, Tony Shaloub and Jerry O’Connell in the cast is a mystery. Too much talent being wasted. I’m hoping I will hear later that the writing got better and the show has improved. In the mean time, avoid it.


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