Monday morning quarterback – week 2

Final score yesterday was 14-6. People at the game seemed to forget every Ravens/Browns np game tends to be an ugly low scoring game. Already heard one moron saying we should bench Flacco. Football fans are stupid. Here are the good and the bad from the game.

The good:

We won. That is always a good thing an ugly win counts the same as a blowout.

The defense didn’t give up a TD and shut them out in the 2nd half.

Marlon Brown continues to impress me and looks like he will be a major contributor on offense.

Brandon Stokely. Looks like he will be a good 3rd down option for Flacco.

5 sacks.

The bad:

The running game still can’t get going.

Rice is hurt.

The play calling was very Cam Cameron-esque.

Our safeties still look bad.

Tight end production is sub par.

The people who sit behind me are still annoying.


One thought on “Monday morning quarterback – week 2

  1. Yesterday WAS a very stressful day – but as I told my friend who is a Browns fan, they Browns always play us close. I too am excited that Brown seems to be stepping up. Elam had flashes of why we burned a first round on him. Aside from that I’m not certain why our secondary plays so soft in coverage – once they started playing closer, Weedon needed to throw it away more. The Texans will rip us a new one if we don’t sort out our secondary.


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