How People Find Me

The Bloggess posted recently on search terms people used to find her blog. Here are mine. They aren’t as interesting as hers:


link or it didn’t happen 224
megabus reviews 218
link or didn’t happen 71
megabus review 65
eastern travel bus review 39
link or it didnt happen 38
eastern travel reviews 30
link or didnt happen 26
links or it didn’t happen 20
eastern travel review 19
ray boltz 18
skins bbc 16
“link or it didn’t happen” 12
eastern bus review 12
eastern travel bus reviews 10
skins bbc america 10
link or didn`t happen 8
sons of 7
link or it didn’t happen. 7
skins bbc america review 7
megabus services 6
common tater 6
links or it didn t happen 5
megabus reviews baltimore 5
things no one knows about me 5
link or it didn’t happened 5
link it or it didn’t happen 5
megabus reviews baltimore to new york 4
commontater 4
my brilliant ideas 4
odenton, md 4
different is bad 4
link or didn’t happened 4
hurricane irene thoughts 4
tv schedule tonight sept 24 2012 4
link or it didn t happen 4
link or it didn’t happen перевод 3
traffic sucks 3
a powerful passage in carter finally gets it 3
link it or it didnt happen 3
no fun allowed 3
megabus eastern travel 3
“sons of tuscon” theme song fox 3
the neighbors kirker butler 3
90210 review 3
er crash cart 3
bureau of engraving and printing police 3
no link didn’t happen 2
eatern travel services 2
link or it didn’t happend 2
link, or it didn’t happen 2
whats on tv tonight 9/30/12 2
everyone should hate me 2
what’s on tv tonight uk 2
x factor tonight sept. 28, 2012 2
reviews of megabus 2
links or didn’t happen 2
link or didn t happen 2
enes kanter 2
kirker butler emmy 2012 2
the look of a football common tater 2
ncaa officials should be fired for su game 2
links or didnt happen 2
link or didn’t happen. 2
sports is not fun 2
megabus review baltimore 2
bbc america skins 2
eastern travel megabus 2
megabus eastern 2
review eastern travel bus 2
skins bbca 2
smashed, squashed, splattered, chewed, chunked and spewed 2
review megabus 2
skins america review 2
megabus, review 2
kirker butler the neighbors 2
“everyone should hate me” 2
er coding 2 2
the word tater 2
jacks sons of anarchy 2
www. sons of 2
son of 2
link are it didnt happen 2
link or it didnt happem 2
pop culture police 2
espn radio too many commercials 2
odenton traffic circle lanes 2
ray lewis controversy 2
“school out … never” article about longer school year 2
funny story about the “common tater” 2
link or it didn´t happen 2 2
who has the most fair weather fans in college basketball 2
my bracket 2
sports are not fun 2
ncaa supervisor of officials unca and 2
link+didn+t+happen 2
tater police 2
link or didnt happend 2
link it didn’t happen 2
summer days for kids 2
links or it didn’t happen 2
boltz genealogy 2
directv good or bad 2
joe b hall ncaa 2
tonite on tv 2
what is on tv tonight september 25, 2012 2
eastern+bus+review 2
link or didnthappen 2
eastern travel services 2
ncaa uk legends 2
links or it didn’t happen. 2
the neighbors abc 2
sport not fun 2
travel “leave a reply” 2
theycallmetater 2 2
tater 2
link or didn’t happen! 2
the voice – nbc show on sept 18,2012 tonight 2
cherry hill nyc bus trip 2
kentucky ice 1
skins bbc usa reviews 1
ray boltz bear 1
25 things about me 1
life leasons from youth sports 1
do games increase or decrease literacy 1
skins america bbc review 1
megabus review eastern 1
baltimore megabus cherry hill 1
price mega bus new york to baltimore 1
megabus stop 3 pike st new york city 1
eastern bus megabus 1
megabus consumer review 1
all about jacks from sons of anarchy 1
a haunting in connecticut gore 1
eastern travel bus, mega bus 1
er crash cart and what it should contain 1
worst acting on knight rider 1
bbc america review 1
common tater story 1
about me 1
kentucky basketball 1
25 things no one knows about me 1
were the ninevites homosexuals? 1
easterntravel 1
how to run with crash cart 1
\”bbc america\” skins broadcast us review 1
skins bbc america usa reviews 1
er doctor pratt\”s death 1
23 things howard county library 1
the only one who cares for me is me 1
christian tater people 1
crash in er 1
skins bbc reviews 1
characters of skins bbc 1
directv dvr no service how 1
fox’s 2009-2010 schedule 1
world’s common tater 1
“perfect movies for a rainy day” 1
“eastern travel bus” review 1
link or didnt even happen 1
common tater story for kids 1
megabus eastern bus 1
tater commo rail inector 1 eatern 1
megabus no lights 1
joe b hall can’t coach exhibition game 1
ncaa joe b 1
uk legends ncaa joe b 1
tater world 1
coach hall can’t coach uk 1
why can’t joe b hall coach the legends game 1
why can’t joe b coach 1
joe b hall legends team 1
megabus eastern time number 1
skins bbc directv 1
reviews megabus 1
eastern travel bus 1
cherry hill eastern bus 1
eastern travel /today bus in reading pa 1
pike st megabus 1
what’s a commontater 1
mega bus baltimore new york review 1
megabus bus cherry hill road 1
megabus, eastern bus, ny 1
“link, or it didn’t happen” 1
25 things no one knows about me” 1
survivor odds 1
wasting votes on third party candidates poll 1
ninevah homosexuality 1
link it, or it didn’t happen 1
review of bbc’s skins 1
gossip girl skins 1
bussi tater 1
tater 105.7 1
25 things no one knows 1
eastern travel – traveling earlier 1
link or id didn’t happened 1
link or didn”t happen 1
one day trip from bwi to new york megabus 1
you are a thief 1
police pop culture 1
yelp bus reviews 1
the link or it didn’t happen 1
boltz bus travel 1
eastern bus yelp 1
eastern travel bus experience? 1
where does megabus pick u up at 30th street station 1
bad jojo alia shawkat 1
steve thayer the leper “book club” 1
reviews of eastern travel bus 1
he’s just a common tater 1
“eastern travel” review 1
sunday night tvfall 2009 1
steve czaban 1
“elliot in the morning” 1
espn radio has too many commercials 1
mega bus eastern travel 1
demise radio 1
eastern travel bus review nyc 1
megabus, reviews 1
“megabus” reviews 1
eastern travel chinatown bus from cherry hill to nj 1
more lazy in the summer 1
eastern travel , review 1
megabus eastern bus review 1
mega bus reviews 1
why can’t joe hall coach 1
where can i find eastern travel bus station reviews 1
eastern travel bus nyc to baltimore review 1
words that end in tater 1
link or it didnt happened 1
eastern travel, review 1
emergency room crash cart 1
25 things no one knows about you 1
skins review bbc 1
homosexuality in ninevah 1
megabus “new york” monday morning 1
mega bus review 1
espn radio + excessive commercials 1
elementary lesson plans “what happens when you break the law” 1
a common tater story 1
billing for crash cart 1
directv sucks 1
skins bbc review 1
robert pattinson the haunting in connecticut 1
bracket predictions 1
what is a good teen movie to watch on a rainy day? 1
bbc america/skins 1
what\’s most watched on bbc america? 1
megabus departure baltimore 1
tater ncaa 1
the history of crash carts 1
links or it didnt happen 1
links or didn`t happen 1
miss 98 sports drive listen online 1
megabus baltimore review 1
reviews on eastern travel 1
catpause message boards 1
directv dvr horrible 1
review megabus new york 1
megabus “on time” traffic 1
elliot in the morning jack diamond 1
dont waste not voting 1
baltimore megabus 1
how much compensation will i get for a knee injury from mega bus 1
celebrity photo collage 1
content-to write jt/stephen 1
ray boltz saved 1
tater baltimore radio 1
alia shawkat 1
link or it didn`t happend 1
comon tater games 1
uk wildcats basketball 1
eastern traverl review 1
nfl 1
megabus vs eastern 1
eastern travel & services 1
steve thayer the leper book club 1
link or didn 1
offensive christian repost status updates 1
copy and repost facebook ideas 1
link oder nicht passiert 1
megabus canada reviews 1
common tater tennessee 1
there is the common tater the couch potatoe 1
common tator 1
boltz ny bus service 1
“bruce pearl” 1
snopes alan simpson 1
alan simpson, cartoon character 1
who is tater from ravens games 1
steve czaban islam 1
eastern travel bus review from baltimore to nyc 1
aa bus versus eastern travel bus reviews 1
“robert rankin” lds tennessee 2010 haiti 1
non christian religions offer aid in times of crisis 1
testimonies about christians who dont do so well in school 1
link or it didant 1
link or it didnt happend 1
link or it did`t happen 1
words ending with tater 1
link or it didn’t happen.gif 1
the haunting in connecticut proven wrong 1
megabus baltimore yelp 1
lynx or it didn’t happen 1
where are they going with the animal abuse in the show shameless 1
animal cruelty on the show shameless 1
enes kanter’s religion 1
link, or didn’t happen 1
daddy link or it didnt happen 1
sherlynn kenyon 1
shameless showtime shameful 1
“a link or it did’nt happened” 1
shameless “animal cruelty” showtime 1
ofc ofc link or it didn’t happen 1
review eastern travel 1
review of eastern travel 1
when is megabus empty 1
facebook repost status cousin 1
er coding and crashing 1
link to the funniness or it didn’t happen 1
stop bullying don’t be tater 1
how much does a common tater 1
kickstand tater hunting vest 1
do you think there are a consinistency in the area of a serial killer 1
january 20, 2011 stephen king the pope of king 1
ncaa upset predictions 1
my ncaa predictions 1
just a common tater 1
link for or didn’t happen 1
link or didnt hepend 1
the world is so negative 1
link or didnt 1
is tator religion real 1
link or it didn’t happen!! 1
is it ok that my son does not want to invite anyone over? 1
why so negative 1
eastern travel bus reviews to richmond 1
tater paid for building 1
ncaa predictions 1
my 2011 ncaa picks 1
cam newton’s dad a priest 1
addressing only kid names on birthday invitation 1
redskins taters kornheiser 1
link it, or it didn’t happen! 1
link or i didnt happe 1
common tater mean 1
+is enes kanter mormon 1
not inviting mean kids to birthday partys 1
.common my year.. 1
oradeanul link or it didn’t happen 1
how many (insert name) in the world? 1
negative feedback about megabus 1
link didnt happen 1
why can’t uk legends vs dominion game be on tv 1
линк ор ит диднт хеппенд 1
espn 980 too many commercials 1
link or it didn’t happen in french 1
tater youth lesson 1
megabus old eastern travel bus 1
eastern bus service review 1
comments of common people on hurricane irene 1
link or didnt happened 1
the most tater haunting movie 1
uk legends celebrity august 15 1
dominican ex uk players exhibition televised 1
current uk nba players 1
link or it didn’t happen :-p 1
link or didn’t happend 1
tater sms 1
tom boltz with 98 rock 1
list of common tators in the church a joke 1
you can learn alot from a dummy images 1
joe b hall can’t coach legends 1
link or didn’t happen slang 1
an important passage in carter finally gets it 1
my kid does not get an invitation 1
link or it happen 1
“single person library” 1
joe b hall can’t coach dream team ncaa 1
link or it dint happen 1
what does “link or it didn’t happen” mean? 1
why pay for football games? 1
urls or it didn’t happen 1
“display ideas” “desperate housewives” 1
tater womens event 1
“dc traffic sucks” 1
easterntravel reviews 1
what included in insert 1
r it didn’t happen 1
if there is a power outage do you still go to school 1
“alan simpson: 1
peoples thoughts about hurricane irene 1
eastern travel bus service 1
mickey “98 rock” 1
link or it didn’t happened! 1
megabus/eastern 1
child does not want to invite friend to party 1
stupid “repost” if you are a true christian 1
dummy book display ideas for libraries 1
how sports not fun 1
eastern bus reviews 1
how prevalent is hurricane irene? 1
eastern travel yelp 1
why are people so negative on the internet 1
link or didn’t happen response 1
criminal charges for not returning home at night 1
i am boring pessimist 1
gifted and talented children 1
link+or+it+didn’t+happen 1
bureau of engraving and printing 1
commom tater 1
eastern bus services review 1
why do you close school when there is power outages? 1
megabus common login 1
cam newton giving money to charity 1
walk away from boy being raped 1
no link it didn’t happen 1
joe hall can’t coach 1
september 26 2012 television tonight 1
why is facebook so negative 1
samcro founder 1
problems with officiating in ncaa tournament 1
skins(bbc about the characters) 1
ravens tater 1
how not to hurt someone’s feelings by not inviting them to your birthday party 1
nfl fumbles 1
common tater third party 1
eastern travel today bus baltimore review 1
ray boltz in houston 1
world band names 1
been ignored since high school 1
no one reads my blog 1
odenton post office sucks 1
talking about a social event that not everyone is invited to 1
chik-fil-a 1
what kind of tater are you? 1
“robert mccammon” or “robert r. mccammon” 1
“julia karr” 1
shut up and do something 1
links or it didn’t happen! 1
link or it didn;t happen 1
what is taterspeak 1
‘choose anarchy in howard county’ 1
civility internet 1
megabus reviews new york 1
jacks, sons of anarchy 1
link or it didn’t happen! 1
male bbc fotball common taters 1
link or didn’t happen? 1
can you sneak beer into ravens sradium 1
ohio st commom tater 1
eastern travel new york bus reviews 1
links or it didn’t happen” 1
eastern vs megabus reviews 1
hurricane thoughts wordpress 1
euphemism the d word 1
reviews on eastern travel bus service 1
why are we so negative funny 1
“common tater” videogame 1
whats on tv tonight 9/26/12 1
john stanford college basketball referee 1
links or it didn’t happened. 1
link or didn’t happen bedeutung 1
mega bus from cherry hill,nj. 1
uk basketball 1
happy non specific holiday 1
fairweather fan 1
a group holiday greetings that won’t offend anyone 1 1
tater fan 1
theycallmetater ‏ 1
happy non specific holiday greeting 1 1
happy non specific 1
“bullying is swept under the rug” 1
sucks traffic 1
blog meme 1
jacks wife on sons of anarchy 1
“eastern travel” bus reviews new york megabus 1
nba basketball 1
about bbc skins 1
tonight september 25 2012 1
link or didin’t happen 1
the sons of anarchy 1 no one reads my blog 1
engraving and printing police 1
ray boltz what in the world 1
is bulling swept under the rug in religious schools 1
anyone watching skins on bbc america 1
megabus new york to baltimore reviews 1
link or didn’t hapen 1
michigan-u traffic pattern 1
why don’t we just make islam illegal? 1
issue with the syracuse game officiating 1

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