Friday Morning Quarterback

I have decided to start proving I know nothing about football by posting my thoughts after each Ravens game.

Last night was the big NFL Kickoff night. It started as the big NFL Weather Delay. I was not in Denver, so I can’t say for sure if the delay was actually necessary, but apparently, the NFL people making the decision weren’t either, so I guess we are equal there. The meteorologists I follow on twitter thought it was an unnecessary. What was also unnecessary were the Ravens taking the field late after the delay. What was the point of that?

When the game finally started it looked like it was going to be an exciting close game. Unfortunately, the 17-14 halftime lead for the Ravens disappeared faster than Haloti Ngata’s Royal Farms chicken. The final score was the Denver Mannings 49 and your Baltimore Ravens 27.

The good:

Marlon Brown looks like he will be a very good receiver.

When the starting offensive line is on the field, Flacco has plenty of time to throw the ball.

Sacking Manning 3 times makes me think our pass rush will be good this season.

Run defense looked OK.

Flacco looked good when he had a little time and receivers that could catch.

Webb looked good in his return.

We don’t play Peyton Manning again.

The bad:

Our TE’s can’t catch the ball.

All it takes is for one O lineman to go down to break down protection of the QB.

Safety play  was not good.

Secondary play in general, with the exception of Webb, was sub-par.

Brynden Trawick is apparently legally blind.

The defense looked confused at times.

It is only one game. The team has many new starters. It may take time for the team to gel. Denver at Denver is a bad place to test a new defensive team. Things can only get better.






  1. I feel our pass rush was entirely too inconsistent – especially as the game wore on and defenders got gassed. That allowed the Professor to have too much time in the pocket to run his hurry up offense and pick apart our defense. I agree with you about Brown – he could shape up to be our slot receiver. Clark, Dickson and Stokely all had stone hands exactly when we needed a big play the most. I lost track of how many plays that would have swung the other way if a receiver of Boldin’s caliber was playing.

    I still feel that Smith is an upgrade over Lewis at Mike, didn’t really get to see Elam play (went to bed when the game got out of control) so I can’t really say if he’s an upgrade over Reed. During preseason he was a very secure tackler – I felt Huff has a tendency to miss/pull up on tackles.


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