Michael Vick

And one more in preparation for the Eagles’ first game.

The World's Common Tater

Michael Vick is back in the news for more than his habit of turning the ball over in the red zone. Yesterday we were treated to the “breaking news” that Michael Vick’s family now has a dog. Cue the outrage.

I have a few short observations on the story.

  • This is not news.
  • To the people commenting on the stories – please do not compare what he did to child molestation. I love dogs, but they are not equal to human children. Just stop with that.
  • Michael Vick did a bad thing. He was caught and went to prison for doing a bad thing. He’s done his time and should now be allowed to go about his life, even if that means being a highly paid professional athlete.
  • Michael Vick owns a dog. He got it for his kid as a pet. This is a good thing. He is teaching…

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