Various Early Morming Musings

My head is always full of random thoughts and most of the time they aren’t the type of thoughts that could lead to a full blog post so I have decided to put them all in one. Welcome to my head.

I for one was SHOCKED, shocked, I tell you, that a young woman was seen dancing half naked on MTV. That’s never happened before. MTV has always been the leader in promoting good, pure family values.

I was also SHOCKED, shocked I tell you, that a former child star did something like that. If we can no longer count on our former child stars to be perfect role models, what are we going to do?

I think some of the people who are angry about Ben Affleck as Batman are the same people who still refuse to admit that Leonardo Dicaprio is a very good actor because they hated Titanic.

Am I the only person who routinely changes the lyrics to songs in their head to make them funny? Today I was listening to Cruise and my mind changed the lyrics to “Baby your the fart that makes want to roll my window down and spew” Now I will never hear it another way.

Finally, before any pretentious asshats can say it for me – “Why are you posting about stupid stuff like that when so many bad things are happening in the world?”


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