I have recently been contemplating seriously reducing the number of “friends” I have on Facebook and setting my updates as friends only. This seemed like a good way not to worry about people being upset about what I post. Then I think “It’s my Facebook. I can post whatever I want and if they don’t like it they can unfriend me”. It’s not like I haven’t been unfriended by numerous people over the years for a variety of reasons. It’s not like being unfriended by most of the people on Facebook would really matter that much to me. This line of thinking makes me wonder if I feel this way, why do I even stay on Facebook? Honest answer – because it is the only place where people see and respond to my ridiculous thoughts and rambling blog posts. Also, because I really do enjoy seeing the photos and status updates of friends and family who live far away, but I will admit that the vanity part is stronger. How else would the 12 readers of my blog know when I post? How else will I know people appreciate my humor. Real life? Not likely. I’m much funnier online. So, I am staying on Facebook and staying public. If you are someone who would rather not read what I post, do us both a favor and unfriend me now. I think we will both survive.

9 thoughts on “Facebook…..Again

  1. I dig your posts. And I agree, anyone who gets offended should just unfriend. Because you know what’s really offensive? The facebragging. Oh, you’re having such a great time frolicking in an Amazonian river with your lover, Felipe? Well, I hope you come home with a candiru fish in your urethra. Maybe next time you’ll stop making everyone feel bad about their inferior lives and just be honest. Here, I’ll go first. 9:04 PM: I am contemplating the fact that my left armpit smells like an onion patch just exploded in my face. 10:55PM: I am challenging myself to a Raisinette-eating competition. 10:59 and three quarter stars: I am winning. My point is, most people on Facebook are annoying–even the friends we love. And your blog is awesome. Amen.


  2. (i know it’s 2 yrs later, but it still applies šŸ™‚ ) the comments here are just as good as the post!! And I totally agree with you. I also don’t like when people announce that they will go through their friends list and unfriend someone based on this-and-that. I tend to unfriend them first to save them the “should I?” dilemma they may have hahahaha actually just recently I had a friend unfriend me, then months later have the audacity to text and ask why would I unfriend her and asked if I’m free for an unplanned visit. I didn’t reply and will be busy forever! hehe (she’s one of those that announces the FB “spring cleaning”)


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