The NFL’s Got a Brand New Bag(Policy)

The first home Ravens game was last night. This prompted all of the local news channels to ask on Facebook what people thought of the new bag policy. The new bag policy limits the size of women’s purses, limits the size of bags in general, bans diaper bags, camera cases, etc and also states that the non-purse bags must be clear. As is always the case with anything these days people are OUTRAGED.  Me, not so much.

Safety – Will this new policy make me safer at the stadium? No, it won’t. Bad guys will still find a way to bring in bad stuff if they really want to. If bags are being searched anyway, this new policy will not make us any safer. What it will do is cut down on the amount of time standing in security lines behind people who feel the need to carry what is basically luggage to a football game. I approve of this.

Purses – The women were complaining that they need their purses to carry money, phone, keys, feminine products, etc to the game. I think this would likely fit into a small purse. If you only carry the basics with you, I don’t see the need for a giant purse.  This should not inconvenience you at all.

Diaper Bags – I guess I can see why parents have an issue with this, but I have to ask why you are taking a kid that still needs a diaper bag to a football game. They don’t are about the game and taking care of them will mean that you won’t really be watching the football game either.  I didn’t take my kid to the game with me until I was sure he would want to sit and watch the entire game. I didn’t spend all that money on a game to be distracted by a baby/toddler. Get a babysitter. Everyone will be happier.

Giant bags – I have never carried anything in to a game with me but my phone, my wallet and my car keys. I have considered bringing in food, but generally just eat before I leave the house. If I needed to take food in, I think the clear gallon ziploc bag would be sufficient. The complaints I’ve seen are about not being able to fit a blanket and pillow in the regulation bags. A blanket and pillow? It’s a football game, not a slumber party. Grow up, wear layers and leave the bedding at home.

I just don’t get why you want to carry so much stuff to a game or why you would be so mad about not being able to carry it that you would sell your tickets(as some people have threatened). If you care more about your baggage than the game, just stay home and watch on TV.

The only issue I have with new stadium things this season is the food. All of the new menu items are only available on the lower levels(at least from what I could find last night). It would be nice for us upper level folks to have easier access to the full menu.


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