I Don’t Care That You Don’t Care

Unless you live in a cave, you have likely seen coverage of the wait for the royal baby to be born in London.  It seems like our fascination with the royal family will never end. We spend hours waiting for the baby to be born, we tune in when a prince marries and discuss the possibility of the queen stepping down. I am interested in the news just because I am interested in the news in general, but many people are avid royal watchers. I don’t get it, but that’s OK. Other people, however, feel the need to post constantly about how stupid it is for people to care about the news.

I have posted about this phenomenon before. People flock to the Internet to make sure everyone knows that they are too “cool” or “smart” to be interested in the topic everyone else in discussing.  Or they feel that if they aren’t interested in something than it is not worth talking about. Why not just let people have their fun with what interests them? Personally, I spend way too much time reading entertainment news(the business end, not the celebrity lives) and am known for posting celebrity deaths. So, I can’t really make any judgments about interest in the royal baby. Also, I don’t care if you think my interests are trivial and beneath you.

We are all individuals. We all are interested in different things. It’s OK for someone to have an interest that bores you. If you don’t like it, don’t read what they post, don’t join the conversations at work or politely end the conversation. I’m sure you have interests that bore other people. Do you want us to tell you to stop talking about what you like? Also, you aren’t “cool” or “smart” because you make sure we all know you don’t care, but I guess I should follow my own advice and just not read your posts telling us that.

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