Reflections on the late…everybody.

Before I get into my rant about people being late, I should point out that I am someone who thinks that being on time actually means being a few minutes early. I consider right on time late and late as unacceptable. I don’t expect others to be like me, but I do expect an effort to be on time.

Working the 1-9 shift on Mondays means that I get the task of waiting at home for various service people when needed. I have had several times recently when these service people did not show up within the window they promised. I understand that there are circumstances that might make them late. The first guy had an early job that ran long. The second guy got stuck in traffic. The third guy gave no excuse, but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he had an early job run long. What drives me crazy is that they don’t feel the need to call if they are going to be late. The first guy never called. After he was several hours past the window, I finally got someone at the office to contact him to find out if he was still coming, He was. He just didn’t feel the need to call. The second guy did call…after he was already late. The third guy was not late enough to warrant a call, but was late nonetheless. I guess they think I have nothing better to do but sit at home waiting for them to arrive.

It’s not just service calls, though. It is everyone, everywhere. People show up for movies after the movie has started and disrupt other people’s ability to watch the movie while looking for seats for their group of 10 people who have to sit together. Want to sit together? Show up on time. People arrive late to things like dance recitals, school concerts, church, etc. and instead of standing/sitting in the back they feel the need to walk in front of everyone to try to get a seat in the front. Again, want a good seat? Show up on time.

People don’t make schedules just for the fun of it. Things start at a certain time for a reason and should be expected to start on time. These times are not a suggestion. I know there are times when being late is unavoidable. We’ve all hit that traffic day when it takes hours to go a mile. Some people use mass transit and trains are delayed. That can explain some of the lateness to some things, but not all of it. Many people these days just don’t feel like it is important for them to show up on time and have no trouble making others late or disrupting an event and it drives me crazy.


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