Fall 2013 TV Season – What I Will be Watching

The networks have all announced their fall schedules.  Here is what I will be watching:

Monday night:  I am at work on Monday nights, but I will pretend I will be home. I would watch Bones live and then start The Voice late so I can fast forward over all of the filler.  I watched the trailer for Blacklist and think it looks good enough to DVR. I admit I did not watch the trailers for the new CBS shows at 10 and likely won’t bother trying them at all.

Tuesday night: Tuesday night starts with a bang with the SHIELD TV show. Probably the show I am anticipating the most. Marvel and Joss Whedon. What could go wrong? I will also record Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Dads because of Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi and Brooklyn Nine-Nine because of Andre Braugher. Not much else on Tuesday interests me besides New Girl. I will may watch The Voice results just because nothing else is on, but I can save time just looking on Twitter to see who won. My family will have me DVR Person of Interest, but I don’t watch it with them.

Wednesday night: This is my night with major conflicts. I need Verizon to hurry up with a DVR that records more than 2 shows at once. the 8PM hour on Wednesday has Survivor(which I have to watch live), Revolution and The Middle and Back in the Game. I’m thinking Jessica and I will watch Survivor while the others watch something upstairs. I will record the 3rd show and watch what I didn’t record On Demand later. After all of that conflict, not much else is exciting. I will still watch Modern Family and will probably give the Ironsides reboot a try.

Thursday night:  Nothing interesting until 9pm when Grey’s Anatomy returns. I will also be recording the new comedies Crazy Ones(Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Geller. Has to be good, right?) and The Michael J Fox Show. 10PM is Elementary, I think a better Sherlock than Sherlock.

Friday night: Last Man Standing and the surprise return of The Neighbors (yay! I know it looks odd, but it is very good) followed by Grimm and Blue Bloods. I will continue to record Hawaii 5-0 for others, but not watch. I will probably give Dracula a try.

Saturday: rent a movie. Nothing to see here

Sunday: The only thing that interests me here is Amazing Race and football.

I will do a night by night, detailed “What’s on tonight” series in the fall.



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