I admit that I am a Facebook addict.  I am a Facebook addict because until recently I could count on my friends to post interesting articles, funny statuses, pictures of themselves doing interesting things, etc. It was also fun at the beginning to keep finding old friends I had not seen in a long time.  This is no longer the case.

I’m sure I do have some friends who are still posting the things that made me love Facebook. I just can’t see them because of the post after post of “inspirational” posters, the click like if you love X posts, the reposts of things debunked by Snopes years ago and other easy, no thought involved posts that seem to take up all of my feed these days.  I’m not sure what changed and when and I don’t want to tell others how to use Facebook. If I don’t like what they post, that is my problem, not theirs. I’m sure plenty of people hate everything that I post over there.  It is, however, killing my love affair with Facebook. I also have apparently found all of the old friends I will likely find. I guess I need to look for other ways to kill time online.


2 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. I am currently attempting to migrate from being an “active” facebook user (one who regularly posts status updates etc.) to being a “passive” one (letting WordPress post the only active updates to my wall and just responding to others’ stuff). It’s actually proving quite difficult, even with moving the actual signal-esque content over to g+, which I’m currently doing (again).

    Eventually, I want PfB to be my home on the web and FB/g+/etc. to be nothing more than publicity tools (a la my longtime pal Serdar, who runs Genji Press). But I am a long, long way from that…


    1. I don’t produce enough to migrate to Common Tater and I actually get quite a bit of response from what I do post on Facebook. I just need a new place to go to find the interesting stuff I want to read.


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