Lost Connections

Recently, I heard some news that made me think of old friends and how long it has been since I have seen many of them.  My friends from high school and college have become pictures and status updates on Facebook. I guess that is to be expected when you live over 500 miles from where you went to school. It is still a little sad that I have pretty much lost touch with everyone from those days.

I would like to blame the distance completely, but I can say the same for the people from my old church and that is five minutes from my house.  Once I started attending another church and stopped seeing them on a regular basis, the same thing happened. They are just like my old friends from school: pictures and status updates of Facebook.

It makes me wonder about the people I call my friends these days. If I changed jobs, would I lose touch with my friends at work as I did with all of the others? Why is it so easy for me to lose touch with people? Finally, if it is so easy for these connections to be lost, am I really making any sort of impact on people’s lives at all?

I should probably stop thinking and just watch some more TV.


6 thoughts on “Lost Connections

  1. I used to feel sad about people I lost touch with until Facebook – then I got back in touch and found out that a large percentage of people I used to know and was now Facebooking with – were ass holes. I unfriended about 50 people. It was wonderful.

    Your impact will be your family – your children and their lives. Friends are valuable of course – and if each of us is lucky – I think you have 5 people in your life who are true/pure life long friends. I think you then have a tier of folks you enjoy – who make you giggle – you’ll send them Christmas cards perhaps – and then sadly a large group of ass holes make up that bottom tier on the friendship pyramid.

    As this image suggests- my life is built up on ass holes

    now I need to go watch tv


    1. I do realize that my impact will be my family, but I do wonder about the work I have done at camps and church and just my mark in general outside of my house. Also, while I know all of those lost friends aren’t necessarily worth worrying about, there are some genuinely good people who I think I would be better for spending time with them.


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