The Uncoachables

Now, in a bonus second post of the day I move on to a team on a downward spiral, my beloved Kentucky Wildcats. This down season is much easier to take coming off of a championship, but it is still frustrating to watch. The team as it is now with a an injured Nerlins Noel still has at least three players with NBA talent and yet they look very bad. After the most recent game, Coach Calipari said some of the players are uncoachable. He has since backed off of that statement, but it is clear that he is frustrated with the teams well. The fan reaction has lead to one player calling out the “fake fans” and others saying that the play on the court does not make them bad kids.

I take exception to the idea that someone must be a fake fan if they have the nerve to complain about the product on the floor. Fake fans are the ones who not only complain about the product on the floor, but also, quit watching the games and possibly start rooting for a new team. These types of fans are common. The ones that only want to back a winner and will go away as soon as you start losing. I think the UK faithful have shown that we stick around even when the going gets tough. It doesn’t mean will will suffer quietly, but we will suffer through with them.

I also agree that underachieving does not make the players on the team bad kids. They are struggling at doing their job on the court and I want nothing more for them to get better and be successful. Unfortunately, for this to happen they need to be willing to listen to their coach and based on recent comments it sounds like that is not happening. If this doesn’t change, I hope they move on to the NBA or a team and coach willing to deal with people who won’t listen. Does this make them bad people? No. It does make them people I don’t want on my team. I think we’ve all had coworkers we loved as people, but who we wished would move on because we didn’t love them as coworkers. I think this is the same type of situation. Sometimes, the job and/ or team is just not the right fit and it is in the best interest for both parties to part ways.


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