Let’s Play Blame the Victim

Last night is was reported that a 14 year old boy was robbed outside of a local mall at 2am. Immediately, people rushed to the local Patch to not decry the constant crime at the mall, but to blame the victim’s parents for letting him shop on Black Friday. The article does not say who the kid was with. It just says the parents were contacted. Is it possible he was alone? Yes, but it is also possible he was at the mall with other adult relatives or the parents of a friend. No one but those involved know, but people still want to jump in and blame his parents because they weren’t there. This is not a one time thing. Every time a kid reports a crime and it is after dark(even when after dark is 7pm) people jump on to insist that it is the parent and the victim’s fault because they were lit after dark. Why do we not blame who is really at fault? Why do we give the actual criminals a free pass and always blame the victim? Are we supposed to hide in our houses after dark? Lock out kids away so we won’t be blamed when the real bad guys rob them?

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