A Note to Anne Arundel County Parents

Once again Anne Arundel County has been hit by storms that knocked the power out in portions of the county. Once again, when it was time for schools to reopen parents are crying that little Brittany and Jackson have to go to school when there is no power at home. How can they possibly learn if they can’t blow dry their hair in the morning? It’s an outrage! My message to them: stop crying and realize how lucky you are.

People in NYC and New Jersey have lost their homes. People have lost their lives. Some people don’t have homes to lose. There are many people worldwide who live without electricity all the time. Many have no running water. I’m sure given the chance, they would love to trade places with you. If all you have to worry about is your kids taking a cold shower before school or maybe skipping a shower for a day you should count your blessings. It could be much worse.


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