My Thoughts on Some New TV Shows

I have not watched a ton of new shows this year. I decided to just watch what I thought looked good and to skip shows that looked bad from the premise. Here are my thoughts so far.

Revolution – I am enjoying this show so far. I love the premise and the actors playing both the Miles and Monroe. I would like to see more of the scenes of the immediate aftermath of the outage and kind of wish there was no secret way to get the power back, but still so far, so good. The only weakness is the character Charlie. If I was stuck traveling with her I would have turned her over to the militia already.

Ben and Kate – kind of cute, but nothing there that made me want to come back.

The Mindy Project – see above, but less cute.

Go On – I really like this one. I like Matthew Perry and this show lets him do what he does best. I like how they have integrated the support group into his every day life and it doesn’t seem forced. Very funny.

Vegas – slow start, but I’m hoping the extremely talented cast will make it worth the slow story build up.

The Neighbors – panned by the critics, but I really like it. It’s weird, but it is a good weird. I laugh more watching  it than most of the critically acclaimed comedies. Critics are dumb.

Last Resort – another one I really like. Action, drama, Andre Braugher, conspiracies. What’s not to like?

Elementary – as good as I had hoped. I admit I really wanted to like this because I’m tired of all of the “but I love Cumberbatch or whatever his name is as Sherlock. I can’t watch this” and the “gasp, Watson’s a girl”. I like Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock and Liu as Watson and the relationship between them. I think this will grow into a very good show.


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