What’s on TV tonight, September 27 2012

No one should be concerned about TV tonight because they should be watching the Ravens game, but let’s pretend there is no game and you are going to watch regular TV shows.

NBC – SNL special, Up All Night, Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock
Fox – X Factor, Glee
ABC – Premiere of Last Resort, season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, season premiere of Scandal
CBS – Season premieres of Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Person of Interest, premiere of Elementary
Cable – Project Runway on Lifetime and the finale of Louie on FX

My recommendation – again, pretending like the game isn’t on, watch Last Resort, Grey’s and Elementary. I’ve lost interest in Big Bang and never got as into Person of Interest as others in my house.

New Shows – Last Resort is something I might not have watched, but it has Andre Braugher so I will give it a chance. I am really looking forward to Elementary. I love the Sherlock Holmes character and I am a big Johnny Lee Miller fan. I don’t care that Watson is a woman. I’m fine with revisions on a story if it works well. I think this one will be very good.


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