What’s on TV tonight, September 26 2012

NBC – Animal Practice, Guys with Kids, Law and Order: SUV
Fox – 2 hours of X Factor
ABC- hour premiere of The Middle, Modern Family, premiere of The Neighbors, Revenge
CBS – Survivor, Criminal Minds, CSI
Cable – the only notable thing I can find is South Park new season starts tonight

My recommendation – watch Survivor and Modern Family. Record The Middle to watch after those two. I didn’t watch Revenge last season, but I hear it is very good. Not sure if it is one you can start late.

The new shows – I watched Animal Practice during the Olympics. It wasn’t too bad, but not good enough to make me not watch Survivor and The Middle. I have no hope that Guys With Kids is any good. The Neighbors is just weird enough to tempt me to try it, but I’m not sure it is something I would want to watch regularly.

EDIT: I just found out Kirker Butler from my high school is working on The Neighbors. This now moves it to the recommended watch category.


2 thoughts on “What’s on TV tonight, September 26 2012

  1. I’m excited for The Neighbors for a couple of reasons: One, it gives me a chance to jump out of my dramatic, intense shows. Two, it might just turn out like Coneheads—a movie I was a fan of. That’s very cool that you know someone on the production team. Kirker now has a few more fans rooting for the show’s success. I work for DISH, so the offices are crazy around these premiere weeks. Personally, I’ll be playing catch-up over the weekend with my Hopper DVR. PrimeTime Anytime channels are my go-to, because they auto-record. It saves a forgetful—maybe just lazy—guy like me from remembering to set timers. Here’s to another show making it through season 1!


    • I;m always happy to see something different on TV. I was just a little worried it might be too different. It still may be, but knowing Kirker is there it makes me have more hope.


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