What’s on TV tonight, September 25 2012

Second night of all new shows. Here they are by network. Recommendations to follow:

NBC – The Voice, Go On, New Normal and Parenthood.
Fox – New Girl, premiere of Ben and Kate, another New Girl and the premiere of The Mindy Project
ABC – Two hours of Dancing with the Stars followed by Private Practice
CBS – NCIS, NCIS:LL Cool J, premiere of Vegas
Cable – the only notable thing I see is a premiere of the new show Brickleberry on Comedy Central.

My recommendations – record The Voice to fast forward over the filler later, watch or record all of the Fox comedies, watch Vegas.

The new shows – I think Ben and Kate looks promising even though the Post gives it a C. I know The Mindy Project is supposed to be very good, but the hype is making want to not watch and hope it flops. I’m not a fan of hype. The more hype and/or fanboys around a project the less I care about the project. I hope Vegas is good. I am watching because it has Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis and Jason O’Mara. You can’t go wrong with them can you? The only fear I have is that Jason O’Mara is becoming the new Ted McGinley. If he is involved in a show, the show is doomed.


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