The Problem with the Burbs

Actually, there are many problems with the suburbs, but today’s rant is about transportation. My son just got his first job at the Panera in the shopping center near our neighborhood. His shift can start anywhere from 4-6 after school. The problem with this is that the new laws means although he is 16, he still has to wait until December to get his license so he can’t drive himself to work. I work 30 minutes from home and am here until 5, so any shift before 6 is impossible for me to be the transportation.  He can bike on a road with a lot of traffic, no bike lane and no sidewalk, but that won’t work if it is stormy like today. It is also dangerous because there is no good place for a pedestrian/biker to walk/ride. The only bus I know of in my neighborhood is the one that takes people to the train station. There is no decent public transportation system. There is no good way for someone with no car/license to get anywhere in the suburbs. If we really want people to drive less to help the environment, shouldn’t we stop building in a way that makes it necessary to drive everywhere?

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