What to watch on TV 9/10-9/16

As the new fall season starts I plan to do a daily “what to watch” since some people I know need me to tell them what is on when. I will be out of the country next week, so I am doing next week all in one post.

Monday – the only significant premiere is The Voice from 8-10. I love The Voice and plan on watching this season, but you should really be watching the Ravens game instead. The Voice will be on two more times this week, so you can catch up then.
Tuesday – The Voice airs again at 8pm(see above). Go On is on at 9pm and The New Normal is on at 9:30pm. Parenthood season premiere is on at 10 as is Sons of Anarchy. I have seen the first episode of Go On and enjoyed it. If you like Matthew Perry you will want to watch. The only problem is that it will eventually be on at the same time as New Girl and Happy Endings and they are both better shows.  The New Normal has a lot of buzz, but it is by the creator of Glee which means the first season my be really good, but then it will suck.

Wednesday – X Factor premieres at 8, but you should be watching The Voice at that time instead. Guys with Kids sneak peak is on that night, but don’t bother watching.

Thursday – X-Factor is on again at 8 with Glee following at 9. America’s Got Talent finale is on at 9 so you can watch stupid America once again vote for a boring singer over a more talented non-singing act. I’m sure Glee still sucks, so don’t watch that either.

Friday has some premieres listed, but non worth mentioning. I don’t want to be responsible for someone inadvertently watching crap when they should be doing something fun or getting a movie at Redbox instead.

Tune in next week when the new season really gets going.


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