We Have Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

The day after the Perry Hall shooting the school made what I believe was the correct decision and reopened the school. This prompted local news stations to ask the public if they thought it was too early. I was happy to see that many people agree with me that the healing process is faster if you try to return to normal as soon as possible. I did, however, see many of the posts you see any time something bad happens. “It’s too soon”. “I’m scared to send my kid to school any more.” “It’s not safe anywhere any more”. While I understand that the shooting at Perry Hall was a very sad, traumatic experience it does not make me think that schools are any less safe than they were the day before. The same goes for movie theaters after the tragedy in Colorado.

It’s unfortunate that our reaction to tragedy these days is to use it as an excuse to become more of a secluded, fractioned society. We are already in an era where people barely know their neighbors, have more online “friends” than real life friends and spend most of our time at work our alone in our houses. We don’t need these tragedies to drive us further inward and away from each other. We need to use these tragedies to come closer together. Spend more time getting to know the people around you. Get out in your community, visit your kid’s school be aware of your surrounding and the people in them. This won’t stop another tragedy from happening, but it will make for a happier you. Living in fear is not the answer.


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