Why Everyone Should Hate Me

Note: I was in the zone and had a better version of this typed and then lost it all. This is my attempt at recreating it.

I am a Christian. I truly believe in the Holy Trinity and that Jesus died for our sins. I attend church regularly and spent years working with a church youth group. I am also pro gay marriage and believe you can’t make laws based on religious belief. I am for the right to bear arms, but believe there needs to be reasonable restrictions on who can own and what type of weapons can be owned. I am for the legalization of marijuana for medical use and think the concept of a dry county is ridiculous. The Bible speaks against drunkenness, but also against gluttony. If you ban liquor stores, shouldn’t you also ban McDonalds? I drink alcohol on occasion and sometimes use profanity, especially while driving. I think the two party system is broken and have voted for an off party more than the two major parties in recent elections. I think if you vote based on one issue or down party lines with no other thought or research put into it you are not very smart and it would be better if you just stayed home on election day. I support your freedom of speech even if you disagree with me or if I think you are an idiot. I am not anti-tax, but think government overspending is a problem and should be dealt with immediately. I think the government should stay out of my life as much as possible, but realize some government regulation is necessary. I am a believer in the concept of free range children and think people who don’t give their children some freedom are stunting their emotional maturity. I think too many people think they are better than others based on income, race, sexual orientation, job status, where they live, etc. I don’t like everyone, but if I don’t like you it is probably because I think you are annoying and/or stupid regardless of where you fall in the above list. I complain a lot and am often angry. I generally disagree with everyone on some major religious or political issue. Everyone out there probably has a good reason to hate me.


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