Chik Fil A

I can’t seem to escape the Chik Fil A debate, so I decided to post my two cents worth on the topic.

The CEO of Chik Fil A has a right to believe whatever he wants to believe. He has a right to give his money to whoever he wants to give his money to. This is all covered in the Constitution. As long as he does not have discriminatory policies in how he deals with his employees and customers, he can do whatever he feels is right.

The people who have decided to never eat at Chik Fil A due to his beliefs have the right to choose where they spend their money. If they don’t like the personal beliefs of the person running a company, it is well within their rights to not give that company their business.

Unfortunately, both sides also have the right to free speech and they are using that right over and over again. We get it. Please go your separate ways and shut up about it already.


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