Some Random Musings

I think it is funny when the people who post constantly about how they are apparently too dumb to figure out how to negotiate a Michigan U and/or a roundabout will then post that kids should not get their license at 16. I would bet most of those kids are smart enough to figure out which lane to be in the the Michigan U.

I see post after post of people complaining about the police abusing their power, arresting people when they feel they shouldn’t, etc. and then see on the same site posts complaining about the police not being there when a crime was committed.  The police can’t win.

Still tired of post after post on the school Facebook, Odenton Patch etc. every time the baseball, basketball and football team sneezes and no posts at all about the relay teams for track heading to the Penn Relays this week. Track and cross country are always ignored.

I’m starting to wonder why I bother with things like Twitter, Friendfeed and this blog. No one reads any of them. A good day is when 5 people look at my blog and most of them are not reading it on purpose. No one reads my twitter feed. I haven’t been ignored this much since high school.


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  1. Hi!
    Just wanted to let you know that, yes, I bumped into your blog via a Google search. But I stayed and read and liked and now I’m going to follow, and read more on purpose.


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