One and dones

I’m tired of reading all of the complaints about the UK players leaving early to go to the NBA. You go to college for one specific reason: to learn what you need to succeed in your chosen profession. Every one of these players came to college with the goal to play in the NBA. In their one(or two) years at UK these players have reached the point where they can succeed in their chosen profession, or at least get payed a lot of money to try. If they are interested in finishing their degree they will have plenty of money and opportunity to do so. If I had been offered millions to quit school and go to work after my freshman hear I would not have hesitated at all in saying yes. I would tell my kid to do the same thing. Their lives are not about entertaining you. It is about what is best for them and their families.

A brief word on the job of a coach: I believe at every level of sports until professional a coaches job is to teach and prepare players for the next level. A coach that wins a lot, but has players who aren’t prepared for the next step in life is a failure. If all of your players are ready to move up or have graduated, you are a success.

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