Protected Species Watch – Zebras

The Syracuse/UNC Asheville game yesterday highlighted what is a growing problem in college basketball: terrible officiating. Officials seem to be getting worse every year with missed calls, excessive foul calls, excessive technicals, not knowing the difference between a block and a charge  or just hamming it up for the cameras.  The worst part of the whole mess is that everyone wants to protect them.

In game, officials can issue a bench warning as soon as a coach complains and then assess a technical whenever he feels the complaining is excessive.  The NCAA will fine a coach if he complains about the officiating after a game. Today, I listened to the Mike and Mike show and they spent a big chunk of time defending the officials and complaining about the UNCA coach insinuating after the game that the officials cost them the game.

There is a supervisor of officials and there are rare occurrences of then actually doing something, but it is very rare. I would like to think that the officials from the Syracuse game would be sent home for the rest of the tournament, but they will most likely be out there again today with no repercussions from a bad job yesterday.


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