Rant of the Day

I needed gas this morning so I left early to stop at Wawa for gas and coffee. When I got to the Wawa I saw what I see every time I go: the pumps filled with unattended cars. The gas pumps are not a parking spot. If you get gas and then want coffee, a breakfast burrito, cigarettes, etc. get in your car and move it to a parking spot so others can get gas. It takes about a minute. I think you can spare that minute.

In the building I run into the same thing I run into everywhere there is coffee. People who have conversations in front of the coffee pot, people who block the coffee while they put milk and creamer in the coffee and people who have to think too hard about what coffee to get standing in front of the coffee while making the decision. Here’s a tip – people who are trying to get coffee in the morning are probably a bit cranky. You might want to get out of their way. It only takes a second to be aware of your surroundings and to see people need to get past you.

Lastly, I got in line behind someone talking on a cell phone. They didn’t stop talking on the phone when they got to the register. Am I the only one who thinks this is incredibly rude and the cashier has every right to refuse service if you do this? I can think of two reasons to stay on the phone in this situation: you are a doctor walking someone through and emergency procedure or you are a government official trying to talk to a head of state to prevent a war, If you are in one of those situations you have no business being in line at Wawa in the first place. Hang up the phone. Nothing you have to say is that important.

Don’t be a jerk.


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