Random thought on time travel

I sometimes dream that I wake up and discover that I am back in the 80’s and about to start high school but still retain all of the memories I have from the future. Of course, I use this to get a do over in high school where I am no longer the weird little guy with a bad haircut, but at least somewhat normal and popular.

While awake I realize tow problems with the scenario. One, if I jolt awake as I do in the dream I will sit up quickly, bump my head on the top bunk of the bunk beds, most likely say “Ow, F$#@ very loudly and will start my new history at the bad end of a belt for my language. Second and more important, I realize that the fact that I am now a weird little man with no hair means I probably would end up being the weird little guy in high school again. Just a different kind of weird.

Just a brief glimpse into what goes on in my head. Scary, huh?


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