Penn State

First – I am not going to get into the people actually charge with crimes. Their actions are spelled out in the charges and will be discussed in court. Second – all of what i post is assuming that the charges are true. I want to discuss the two main people involved who are not charged with crimes.

1. The grad student – I don’t understand his actions at all. He sees a young boy being raped in the locker room and just walks away. Not only that, he waits to talk to his dad before he even decides to report it and then takes it to Paterno instead of the police. I can possibly forgive the walking away if he feared for his safety in the situation, but it’s hard even then. How do you see a child being raped and just walk away? How do you live with yourself after that? I see no good reason not to intervene then and there to make sure the child is safe. The second problem here is that he not only walked away, but didn’t call for help for the boy. He went home and called his dad and even then didn’t report it to the police, but to Paterno. All of this, to me, is inexcusable. What was he worried about? Being fired? Being called a liar? Is either of these more important than protecting a child?

2- Paterno – The excuse for him is that he reported it to his boss. I have issues with this as well. First and foremost, does Paterno really have a boss at Penn State? Maybe in name, but that program and all that happens there is all Paterno. I guarantee the AD is never involved in any decision regarding the football team. In this case, however, Paterno decides to pass the buck and let someone else make the decision. Also, after reporting it he never followed up to make sure they did the right thing. He was never questioned by the authorities about the incident which seems to me a pretty big clue that it was never reported and I guess he was OK with that. I guess his reputation is more important than the safety of children. Sandusky was asked to stop bringing children on campus. That’s all. So I guess the answer was “we don’t care if you rape kids just don’t do it here”.

No criminal charges were brought against these two, but I still think if the charges are true they are guilty and should both be fired. And, yes, I mean fired. I wouldn’t give Paterno the option of quietly resigning. He no longer deserves that.


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