Observations from Ravens Games

Drinking – I don’t understand the concept of attending a football game just to get drunk. OK, maybe I get it when you are in college, but grown people who pay a lot of money to attend a game, show up drunk and then drink more when they get there? Seems like a waste of money to pay for a game you likely won’t remember. If you want to drink heavily why pay that much money for the opportunity to overpay for beer?

Security – I agree with Ed Norris on two things. One, the enhanced security will not catch someone who really wants to sneak something in and, two, the way to make the game safer is to keep the drunks out. They are the ones causing all of the problems. Also, herding all of the drunks into a long line and a crowd is just asking for trouble. All it takes is one shove to start a riot.

Standing – Just don’t understand the people who won’t stand and cheer and make noise on third down, but will stand up when there is a break in the action.

Asshats – people who make fun of breast cancer awareness month, complain about everything the team does, complain every time Flacco throws the ball, etc. I complain a lot and these people even annoy me.

Pregame – No, I’m not going to stand for a random country song that is not our national anthem.

Mass transit – how can you provide trains to a night game, but then not provide trains home throughout the game for the people who need to leave? How can you be taken seriously as a city if your mass transit ends at 10pm on a Sunday night?

Even with all of the above, I love going to the games. Even with HD, nothing beats being at the stadium on game day.


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