Hurricane Irene Thoughts

Question on the news today – Did the government overreact to the storm? What was the government supposed to do? Everyone was calling for a major storm. If they didn’t evacuate and the storm was as bad a predicted people would be saying they didn’t do enough. I’m not a big fan of government fo the most part, but sometimes they are in a no win situation. If anyone overreacted it was the media.

I keep seeing people say that schools should close until everyone has power back. This is just stupid. I know it is difficult to get ready for school with no power, but it can be done. Look on the bright side – if your kids go to school they can get a hot meal. I also saw mention that it wouldn’t be fair to open schools while some kids had no power. Something to do with ability to do homework. I assume this has to do with the internet. Are you aware that some people don’t have internet even when there is power? Should schools close down until everyone has free internet at home? Should schools call all of their students each night to make sure there are no power outages before opening the next day? Sometimes you just have to suck it up and move on with life.

Power outages – I was fortunate to only lose power for 20 hours or so. I know other people weren’t so lucky. I know power outages suck.  I think it is sad that we still can’t seem to figure out a way to keep power outages from happening or to restore service faster. I do believe, though, that the BGE workers are doing the best they can to get power back as soon as possible.

The main thing I see after natural disasters here is that people in this area need to toughen up.




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