Why so negative?

I’ve noticed recently that people tend to go online during big events to tweet/live blog/facebook their thoughts on the event. I have also noticed many of these people are very negative about the events.

During the Super Bowl there were mostly people complaining about the commercials. They aren’t funny enough, they were funnier last year,  they offend me, etc.  Of course, there are also the people who fel the need to pretend they didn’t know the Super Bowl was on because they had more important or more intellectual things going on to know that the lower class was watching a football game.

A month later the Grammys aired.  I was watching a movie and trying to keep track of the awards online. Unfortunately, most of what I saw online was people complaining about the performances.  Why did they pick them to sing? Why did they pick that song? Bruno Mars is horrible. Cee-Lo looks funny. And of course, the inevtiable – The Grammys are on? I didn’t notice because I have more important/intellectual pursuits..

Last night was the Oscars.  I went online a couple of times and what did  I see? James Franco is horrible! Anne Hathaway giggles too much! Why did they choose them to host? Look at all of the ugly dresses/bad hairdos! I assume somewhere someone was saying – The Oscars are on?  I was too busy with more important/intellectual pursuits to notice.

Why all the negativity? Are we jealous of the success of others so we need to tear them down to feel better about ourselves?  Do people go more negative because they see everyone else is negative and we want to fit in?  Why can’t we just enjoy the events for what they are or change the channel if we don’t like them?



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