Dumb Growth

Odenton, MD in Anne Arundel County continues to grow. Every day I see more trees being uprooted to make way for more houses and more people. Unfortunately, the infrastructure supporting the area is not growing at the same pace. We still have the same tiny post office that was here when I moved to the area in 1995. Most mornings when I go there is one person staffing the desk. My daughter has already been redistricted to another school to make room for all of the new kids moving into the area and her old school is still using several trailers to house the older students. Ft. Meade will soon receive thousands more workers meaning many more cars on the surrounding streets during rush hour. No road improvement or widening was done in preparation for this. I’m not sure if any preparation was done in the Meade school district to prepare for the extra kids. I’m not against growth. I do think, however, that we need to halt the building of new houses, shopping centers, etc until we have a chance to widen roads, build new schools or expand existing ones, expand the post office, etc. Whatever happened to the concept of smart growth?


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