Different is bad

This weekend we were in DC for a White House tour.  After the tour, we went to a gift shop across the street where we saw a woman accost the store clerk because they had a Sarah Palin item in the store.  She was angry that the store would dare to stock an item that went against her personal beliefs.

Not too long ago there was a campaign on Facebook asking people to demand businesses turn off FOX News.  I guess it is offensive to them that someone might have a different political stance than them.

There is the recent story of a pastor planning to burn Qurans, the Westboro protests, protests against a mosque in Mississippi and many more.

Just recently it was in the news again that a young person committed suicide after people harassed them because they did not like their sexual orientation.  Every day in schools across the country kids are bullied because they are “different”.   When adults stand by and do nothing it gives kids the idea that bullying is OK.  No wonder there are so many adults bullying others who disagree with tem.

How did we get here?  How are we still a country where we hate others for having a different sexual orientation, political belief, religion,  skin color, etc?

It’s time for us to stand up and stop this.     Get to know someone who is different than you.  Stand up to the bullies.  Demand the schools stop sweeping bullying under the rug and do something to stop it.  Who knows, someday you might be the one being bullied.


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  1. unfortunately it is all how it is. Canada suffers from this too. Out of spite I still say “Merry Christmas” with a big smile on my face after it was ‘politically correct’ to say “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings”… People get so ‘hurt’ nowadays and lash out for no apparent reason, just because they feel like it. I am terrified of bullying when I’ll have kids…

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    • I also have a post out there about the holiday greeting thing. I don’t think my kids really dealt too much with bullies in school, but there were some serious bullying issues at the school. I always encouraged them to stand up to the bullies if they saw it happening.


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