Shame on You

First, I would like to applaud everyone who takes the time or uses their money to help others on a regular basis.  I would also like to applaud those who went above and beyond in helping the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.  However, I have several Shame on You’s

Shame on You – if you sit on your butt and do nothing to help others and have continued to do nothing even when a crisis occurs

Shame on You – If you sit on your butt and do nothing and then throw a couple of bucks to the Red Cross in times of crisis and think that is enough

Shame on You – If you not only did nothing, but also took the time to post updates on Facebook complaining that people are helping

Shame on You even more if you posted these because you hate that the people being helped are not Americans or don’t look like you.

Shame on You if your reason for the complaints is politically motivated in any way.

Shame on You for trying to make people feel bad for helping others.

Finally, Shame on Me because I have been lazy, bitter, cynical, angry, etc and have not done my part lately to help others.

Let this be a wake up call to all of us. There are people everywhere who need our help. Instead of arguing about who deserves it more, let’s step up and do what we can every day to help those in need.


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