My Year in Reading 2009

Top Ten Books Read(in no particular order)

  • Gang Leader for a Day  – Sudhir Venkatesh
  • Mystic Art of Erasing l Signs of Death – Charlie Huston
  • Fool – Christopher Moore
  • Charnel Prince – Gregory Keyes
  • The Leper – Steve Thayer
  • My Dead Body – Charlie Huston
  • Under the Dome – Stephen King
  • Beat the Reaper – Josh Bazell
  • The Strain – Chuck Hogan & Guillermo Del Toro
  • Jelly’s Gold – David Housewright

Honorable Mention

  • The Scarecrow – Michael Connelly
  • Until it Hurts – Mark Hyman
  • Front and Center – Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Books I Dustbunnied(stopped reading)

  • Necrophenia – Robert Rankin
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Jane Austin & Seth Grahame-Smith

Books I Didn’t Dusbunny, But Wish I Had

  • None this year

Book I Would Most Recommend

  • The Leper – Steve Thayer

Number of Books Read – 78

Number of Pages Read – 25889


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