It’s Sports, Not Fun

There were two articles in the Washington Post this morning that show a huge problem in the world of sports today.  The first was the front page article about excessive celebration penalties in youth football. I have no problem with rules regarding excessive celebration, but some of the “excessive celebrations” penalized were chest bumping a teammate and pointing to the sky.  That’s excessive?   Really?  We’re telling high school kids they are not allowed to have fun and show their emotion when something good happens on the field.  I guess we are so concerned little Johnny on the other team’s feeling might get hurt. We can’t have that.  We must quell all individuality so no one feels bad.  The next article was in the sports page and actually is a rule against taunting, but coaches fear individual referees will take the rule too far and penalize any show of emotion.   Add into this all of the rules that have turned the NFL into the No Fun League and what you have is a world of sports where emotion and personality are not welcome.   Adding to the problems in sports is a youth sports culture where kids learn from the beginning that it is all about wins, losses and in many cases the coach over the kids.  If these trends continue, I believe we will see many parents and kids deciding sports is just not worth the stress.   We need to get fun back into the world of sports.  After all, isn’t it still just a game?


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