The Demise of Drive Time Radio

When I lived in Cincinnati, I worked from my car and listened to the radio all day.  I spent most of those hours listening to WLW, finishing the day with the Gary Burbank Show.  When I first moved to the DC area I had an hour commute, but didn’t mind it so much because I could always find something to listen to on the radio.  I would listen to Jack Diamond in the morning and Don and Mike in the afternoon and enjoyed every minute of it.  Don and Mike are now off the air and Jack Diamond has not grown or changed at all in 15 years and does pretty much the same show every day.  These days, I have a 20-30 minute commute and spend most of it hitting radio buttons hoping to find something worth listening to on the drive.  Most days I don’t find it.  Baltimore radio is especially horrid, but DC is not much better.

My options on the morning drive are as follows:

Elliot in the Morning(DC101) – he’s almost listenable until he starts with his fake donkey sounding laugh
Jack Diamond(107.3) – I used to like him, but his show is the same every day. No growth at all in 15 years.
Jojo and Reagan(106.5) – likeable and funny, but a little to light and fluffy for me to do every day
Mickey and Amelia(98 Rock) – too annoying at all times.  I miss Kirk and Mark on 98 Rock
Ed Norris(105.7) – Interesting and usually what i choose, but goes too Baltimore local a lot and I don’t care about the topic
Sports talk – ESPN radio has too many commercials and the local Baltimore FOX channel airs the horrible Rob Long on instead of Steve Czaban

In the afternoon I like to listen to sports talk and 980 AM has the very entertaining Sports Reporters.  I always listen, but it is almost all Redskins talk.  Being a Ravens fan, I would like to listen to a Baltimore station, but my options are as follows:

Anita Marks – annoying, refuses to listen to differing opinions and too close to some players to be objective
Coleman – he’s OK, but insists on saying the station name, his name and the name of the person he is talking to every couple of minutes

There is nothing on the air close to being as entertaining and Don and Mike or Tony Kornheiser(who now airs while I am at work).  The music stations play the same songs over and over again and way too many commercials.  No wonder radio is dying.

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