What I will Watch on TV Fall 2009

Here is my long overdue overview of what I think should be watched this TV season:

Monday night:  I will watch House and the CBS comedies as always.  I will try the new NBC show Trauma in hopes that it will be a good replacement for ER on my viewing schedule.  I will have to record encore episodes of Greek on ABC family now that I have too much to record on Monday nights.  Nothing else on the Monday schedule looks interesting.

Tuesday night: Possibly the worst night of TV of the week, I will only be watching Melrose Place and will either read or catch up on Tivo the rest of the night.

Wednesday night:  I will try Modern Family and Cougar Town – the two most promising new sitcoms this season. I might watch Hank and The Middle once because of the starts, but doubt they will stick.  I am already watching a loving Glee and will continue with that. I might give Mercy a try.

Thursday night:  Too much TV, too little Tivo – I will watch Survivor and Bones and try to record Flash Forward. I would love to try Vampire Diaries, but have no way to record it.  I will continue watching Grey’s Anatomy.  I know I should watch Fringe, but just didn’t find the time last season and will have to catch up on DVD.

Friday night:  Only Dollhouse and then Tivo’d shows after my kids are finished watching new Disney Channel shows.

Saturday night:  Nothing – Will watch Nick shows with my kids

Sunday night:  Will continue to watch Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives and football if it is a good game.


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