Panic! It’s the Aporkalypse

The CDC currently lists 160 laboratory confirm human cases of swine flu in the United States.  Of these cases, one has resulted in death.  The response to these 160 cases include:

School Closures – In Rockville, MD they even advised the students to not go out to malls, movies, etc during the closure to limit exposure

People wearing masks in  public

The Long Island Junior Soccer League has advised against the traditional post-game handshakes

The Vice President basicaly told people to stop flying and using public transportation

This flu season there were approximately 25,000 cases reported with 53 pediatric deaths.  Kids from schools across America had the flu and schools continued to operate.  I don’t recall seeing anyone wearing a mask and the Vice President apparently thought public transportation was safe at that time.

What’s different now?  Why are we being encouraged to change the way we live for a flu outbreak that’s not nearly as bad as the regular flu season?  None of this makes sense to me.  We need someone to explain why exactly less than 200 cases of an illness would be considered a pandemic(or in this case, a hamdemic).


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