My NCAA Predictions

I thought I would feel better about my bracket with Kentucky not playing. I usually worry I have them going too far or not far enough based on personal feelings toward the team. This year there is no UK and I even have the hated Louisville Cardinals in the championship game, so no bias issues that I can see. My problem this year is that I have the Elite 8 with no seeds lower than a 5. I know that will not happen, but I don’t want to alter my entire bracket to try to pick the right upset. So, here are the highlights of my bracket predictions for 2009:

First round upsets:
Dayton over West Virginia
Miss St over Washington
Utah St over Marquette
Minnesota over Texas
WKU over Illinois
Michigan over Clemson

After that is where the problem starts. I have picked no big upsets in the 2nd round. This round may be revisited later today. I doubt that revisiting will change my final four, so here it is:

Louisville, Memphis, Pitt, Oklahoma

Louisville v Oklahoma in the championship with Oklahoma winning.


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