On Being a Fan

The University of Kentucky basketball team has had a very bad year. A year that will see the end of their streak of 17 years going to the NCAA tournament(barring a miracle in the SEC tournament). This has prompted people on the Cat’s Pause message boards to proclaim they will not watch anymore of the team’s games this year. It’s also prompted at least two of my Facebook friends to post status updates about not watching today’s game. These people are not true fans. A true fan sticks with a team through good and bad. A true fan will not give up on the team after one bad season. These “fans” need to talk to fans of the Chicago Cubs and ask them if 11 years since the last championship is enough reason to give up on a team. I am so tired of people who jump on the bandwagon of a winning organization only to jump off again when they are no longer number one. So, to you “fans” who have left the building I say “Good riddance and don’t bother coming back when things are looking up”.


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