25 Things No One Knows or Cares About Me

1. My cousin says she traced our family directly back to Kit Carson

2. I have a double uvula

3. I was one semester away from being an elementary school teacher when I realized I sucked as a teacher and change majors

4. My dad died one week after my 18th birthday

5. I have an older half brother and two older half sisters I have not seen since 1987 at my dad’s funeral

6. One of my older half sisters is I guess the PC term now is “special needs”

7. I grew up in a household that would be considered impoverished

8. I drank so much in my first 2 semesters in college that I went from a 4.0 in high school to just over 2.0 in college

9. I went cold turkey after that and didn’t drink again until several years after college

10. I witnessed my uncle being accidentally shot by my cousin on Thanksgiving Day 1978

11. I was voted shyest guy in my graduating class

12. My nickname in middle school was radar

13. People today call me tater

14. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 21 years old

15. Even then I failed my first 2 driver’s tests

16. I’ve never done any other drugs besides alcohol

17. I eat when I get depressed or bored

18. I use humor and sarcasm to hide my still lingering self esteem issues

19. I would rather be a stay at home dad than have a job

20. After my kids leave home I would like to become a hermit

21. I have been to several European countries, but never Canada

22. I have lived in Maryland for 15 years and have still only eaten crab in cake form

23. I have never received a speeding ticket and have never even been pulled over

24. I once got in trouble in high school for harassing Denver Nuggets Vice President of Player Personnel Rex Chapman when he played against my school.

25. There really aren’t 25 things people actually want to know about me

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